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8 Stocks to Buy That Are Growing Faster Than Amazon

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Do you think (AMZN) is a growth machine like no other?

It's a beast to be sure, with the most recently-reported quarterly top line up a healthy 22%... a pace that's pretty much been the norm for a while now. Profits are growing nicely as well, as its AWS (Amazon Web Services) division—the company's fastest-growing segment—produces high-margin revenue. certainly isn't the only growth name worth owning, however. There are several other companies with even better sales growth, better earnings growth or both. It's just a matter of going out there and finding them.

Just to help you move down that path a little faster, here's a closer look at the best stocks to buy if you're looking for a little more kick (or a little more value) than Amazon can offer.


Some are familiar, while some aren't. But all of them merit consideration.

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