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7 Ways to Score Big Dividends Other Than Stocks



Once the Federal Reserve decided that interest rates should be as low as possible for as long as possible, every income investor groaned. Where could they find dividends and yield if they couldn’t find it in bonds? Bonds offered decent yields at relatively low risk. Instead, income investors piled into anything that paid big dividends, especially stocks, which meant higher risk.

In some cases, higher risk does yield big dividends. There are also ways to generate big dividends by taking on comparatively lower levels of risk.

As with everything, you have to pick and choose carefully, which is one of the things I go into detail about in my forthcoming stock advisory newsletter, The Liberty Portfolio.


You cannot simply grab at whatever thing pays the highest dividends, but always assess if that security meets the level of risk you are truly comfortable with. Here are seven ways to pick up big dividends that carry varying degrees of risk.

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