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9 Global Stocks to Heat Up Your Portfolio

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It’s not that the recent volatility of the U.S. stock market hasn’t created a ripple effect that worked against — and then for — companies based in other countries, it’s that our wild swings haven’t necessarily been mirrored overseas. In other words, you may have seen a different impact on your portfolio with a few more stocks that aren’t domiciled in the United States.

Some overseas names shrugged off the early-February meltdown, while other global stocks took an even bigger hit, making them big-time bargains now.

To that end (and to shield yourself from future unknowns unique to the U.S. marketplace), here’s a look at nine global stocks you might want to add to your portfolio sooner than later. Doing so adds another level of diversity to your aggregate holdings.


Bonus: A little more exposure to foreign stocks means you’re less subject to any volatility stemming from the United States’ highly charged political environment in place right now.

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