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8 Stocks You Should Sell Right Now



Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, you just have to move on. It’s not your fault you fell in love with bad stocks … but what turned you on for a hot romantic fling is not the stuff of a long-term investment relationship.

There are stocks to marry, and there are stocks to just date.

And once the romance is over, there are stocks to sell.

Today, I’m going to recommend some of those stocks to sell. All are sexy … or at least they were at one time. But they are absolutely not stocks you want to own for the long term. If you stick with them, they will break your heart … or simply give you a heart attack.


All joking aside, investors tend to get emotional about their stocks. But owning bad stocks really is a lot like being in a bad relationship. It will distract you and force you to make bad decisions, and can obviously cost you a lot of money.

So with no more ado, here are eight stocks to sell — immediately!

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