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7 "Zombie Stocks" That Are Coming Back to Life

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Just because a stock has performed badly in the past, doesn’t mean it’s game over for the future. As investors, we can jump into stocks that are rising. But another strategy is to find poorly performing stocks on the cusp of rebounding. Obviously, this is a more risky approach. What happens if the poor results continue?

Well, for instance, you can generate seriously lucrative returns. The key is to cherry-pick your stocks wisely by differentiating between stocks unfairly treated by the market, versus the stocks where all hope is truly lost.

Luckily help is at hand. Here, I turned to top analyst ratings to pinpoint stocks that are worth a second look. I used TipRanks to focus on analysts with the sharpest stock picking abilities.


These stocks have all posted losses, but the upside potential remains intact. Let’s take a closer look at these rebounding stock picks now:

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