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7 Stocks to Sell If the Market Starts to Crash



George Soros. Carl Icahn. Stanley Druckenmiller. They’re some of the world’s most successful investors. And they’ve also been bearish on the markets.

We haven’t had a major break to the downside yet, but we’ve certainly seen deterioration.

Given how much event risk the market’s about to chew on, this might just be the calm before the proverbial storm.

Every week brings a new surprise, which makes it tough to gauge who might prevail. And even when a winner is declared on Nov. 8, the outcome might very well be contested — and that would wreak havoc on the markets. Remember the rancorous presidential election in 2000, which ultimately dampened the economy?


If the markets take a dive, then, you’ll want to have a ready list of stocks to sell from your portfolio. Here are seven potential losers that you should keep on a short leash.

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