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7 Energy Stocks to Watch for the Rest of 2016



If there is one word that could sum up energy stocks and crude oil prices during the third quarter, it would be “volatility.” After rebounding off the lows hit during the first half of the year, energy stocks were essentially flat over the past few months — with the benchmark Energy Select Sector SPDR (XLE) gaining around 2% during the quarter.

But there was plenty of volatility along the way and that volatility and uncertainty could spill over into the last quarter of the year.

That’s because OPEC has thrown energy stocks a bone. During their last meeting, the cartel has finally decided to curtail production. Or at least they have promised to. With OPEC’s next meeting not until mid-way through the quarter, things in the energy sector could still be quite dicey.


In the meantime, oil prices have crossed the $50 per barrel mark for the first time since June. Adding in events like the upcoming presidential election, the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting and other geopolitical brouhahas and it’s easy to understand how volatility will be the common theme for energy stocks in the fourth quarter.

Under that framework, here are seven energy stocks to watch in the final quarter of 2016.

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