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7 Consumer Goods Stocks to Get Excited Over

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Recently, Estee Lauder Companies Inc (EL) appointed two women to its board bringing the number of women serving to eight, just shy of 50% of the 17-person board of directors.

The typical Fortune 500 board has 11 directors, but given Estee Lauder is a family-controlled company with four Lauders on the board, it needs a larger group to ensure there are enough independent directors.

It’s not surprising that Estee Lauder, where 75% of its employees and 95% of its customers are women, would be pro-gender equality.

However, a quick look at Estee Lauder’s stock performance in the past year — it’s up 16% year-to-date through April 24 and 72% over the past 52 weeks — suggests it’s not only a great company, but it’s also one of seven consumer goods stocks to buy and hold forever.


To make this list a company must have a $2 billion market cap and an operating margin of at least 15%.

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