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7 CEOs Who Are Honest With Their Shareholders

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I got the idea for this article while reading a Q&A with CNBC’s Jim Cramer in the Brunswick Review. A big chunk of the interview had to do with Cramer’s TV job and how he manages to remain excited about what he does after all these years.

However, the section about CEO candidness got me thinking about chief executives who actually are honest with shareholders and anyone else who cares about the companies in question.

“TV is a great opportunity to tell the truth. The best way to disseminate news is to be on TV because you control what you say. And I’m always just amazed that some executives don’t get that,” stated Cramer in the March 7 article.


“When I see a CEO who says, ‘I don’t want to do TV,’ I am immediately suspicious. The person’s either lacking confidence about his view or doesn’t want something known. That means you have to dig deep and find out what the hell’s wrong.”

Like Cramer, I believe that CEOs should be honest and forthright with shareholders and investors. These seven CEOs do just that.

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