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7 All-Weather Stocks to Buy for the Next 30 Years

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Unless you are truly investing for the long-term — and by that, I mean 10 years at a minimum — you expose yourself to a much higher degree of risk. That’s why the best stocks to buy if you’re a conservative investor are those that are durable, so you can hold them for years and expect them to easily bounce back anytime the market throws a tantrum.

Swing trading and using options are perfectly acceptable ways for more aggressive investors to achieve returns, but you have to know that when you do that, you’re introducing a number of risks that, if not handled properly, could end up setting you back.


But the longer the time frame you have for investing, the better off you are positioning a large part of your portfolio with a buy-and-hold mantra in mind. After all, there has been no 30-year rolling period in which the market did not provide a positive return.

So if you are investing for the long-term and seeking market-beating returns without taking on too much risk, let me show you the way. Please read on as I explore seven all-weather stocks to buy that should serve conservative investors well for the next 30 years.

Prices and data are from the original InvestorPlace story published on July 25, 2017. Click on ticker-symbol links in each slide for current prices and more.

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