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5 Biotech IPOs to Watch in April

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In many sectors, initial public offerings (IPOs) can generate a lot of buzz. After all, a new company is entering the markets. Investors want to know what the company does, how it operates and what potential it holds for future profits. For biotech IPOs, things are a bit different.

For one thing, they’re much more common. Of the last 100 IPOs, 30 have been healthcare stocks. And that’s just since the end of September 2017.

That’s a lot to keep track of for any investor who is also thinking about their current investments. Adding to the confusion is the very nature of biotech stocks themselves. Specifically, biotechs depend on highly scientific developments and properties, which companies often use highly-technical language to explain.


So here’s a starting point for investors looking at biotech IPOs. There are five biotech companies expected to go public before the end of April. Here’s a breakdown of what they actually do.

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