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10 High-Yield Stocks That Won't Cut Their Dividends in 2018

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Over the long run, high-yield dividend stocks have been the stocks to buy. Studies have shown that over time, they've outperformed both the broad market and lower-yielding dividend payers.

But from an individual stock-picking standpoint, a high yield isn't always a good thing. A dividend yield alone doesn't support a bull case. I detailed 10 yield traps back in June, and the 2017 performance of well-known, widely held issues like General Electric (GE) and Frontier Communications (FTR) shows what can go wrong when high-yield dividends are called into question.

So it's important to remember that chasing high yields means—to at least some extent—chasing risk. And it makes picking reasonably safe payouts even more important. An income investors whose stock cuts its distribution faces a double whammy. Income is reduced—halved in the case of GE—and the stock price usually comes down as well.


The 10 stocks here all look to avoid that outcome, at least in the near-term. All 10 offer yields over 4%—and payouts almost certain to stay intact through at least 2018. Again, that doesn't mean these stocks are without risk. But for investors looking to buy dividend stocks with high yields—and avoid the pain of a dividend cut—these stocks all are worth a long look.

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