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8 Promising Stocks Under $10


In a red-hot stock market, it’s hard to argue that much is cheap these days. That may drive some frustrated investors toward the nominally cheap -- stocks with single-digit share prices. But as many veteran investors know, the realm of low-priced stocks is filled with a lot of struggling businesses that are unlikely to ever amount to much.

We searched for the exceptions and found eight companies with intriguing prospects and share prices under $10. They’re all highly speculative -- meaning you have to be prepared to lose every dime. But they also have the potential to pay off big over time for investors who can handle extreme short-term volatility.


Share prices and related data are as of November 18; unless otherwise noted, price-earnings (P/E) ratios are based on the average of analysts’ estimates for operating earnings in 2014, as reported by Thomson Reuters.

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