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5 Good Stocks to Buy While They Are Cheap


Energy stocks may be the biggest losers of the past year. But the market’s slide since early December has pulled down everything from banks to chemical companies. Some of the worst-performing sectors lately have been financials, health care and industrials—each tumbling more than the 5.1% decline in Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index in January. Overall, about one-third of companies in the index trade 30% or more below their 52-week highs, according to Citibank.

Stocks in areas such as athletic wear, finance and technology now look considerably cheaper, despite little or no change in their long-term outlooks. Analysts have actually raised their profit forecasts on some of these stocks. And although they could fall with the rest of the market, buying them at today’s prices should produce solid returns over the next year or two.


Check out five S&P 500 stocks that have become too cheap to ignore.

All prices and yields are as of February 3. Price-earnings ratios are based on estimated earnings for the next 12 months.

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