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7 Stocks Under $10 Worth Buying



When a stock costs less than dinner at a fast-food joint, there’s almost always a reason. The company may be losing money, experimenting with unproven technology or have its future riding on the outcome of a hard-to-predict event. Or it may just be tiny. All that said, dabbling in stocks with single-digit prices can also be like putting a few bucks on red or black at a roulette wheel—you’ve got a roughly 50-50 chance that a small investment could deliver a big reward.

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Clearly, you should never bet the rent money on low-priced stocks, but if you invest in the seven companies described below, all selling for less than $10, you’ll tilt the odds in your favor. If you happen to have $1,000 that you’re willing to gamble, you could buy 100 shares of any of these companies, or buy a few shares of all seven, for a chance at a jackpot.

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Share prices are as of November 17, 2014; revenues are for the last 12 months.


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