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10 Good Stocks That Every Investor Should Own



Whether you are an index investor or a would-be market beater, there are some names out there that are musts when it comes to stocks to buy.

Call them bedrock stocks. These are equities that every serious long-term portfolio should own. We’re talking about companies with massive market capitalizations, tremendous cash flow and the ability to be a dominant player in their respective industries.

In many cases these stocks are going to be helped by powerful, secular demographic and technological trends. In others, they simply have a near inviolable position in the old economy. Either way, their best days are still ahead of them.


It’s also worth noting that given enough time, every business’s growth prospects slow. At that point, they can transition to becoming generous vehicles for income. That is, if they have the scale and cash flow to make good on a steadily rising dividend. Indeed, some of these names already do.

After examining the market for mega-cap stocks, these 10 names stood out as foundational investments. If the have anything in common, it’s that they are must-have names to serve as the bedrock of any long-term portfolio.

Long-term profit growth is annualized and based on analysts' earnings growth projections for the next five years.


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