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How 7 Top Investment Pros Are Investing in 2017

Illustration by John Jay Cabuay

Scan the investment landscape and you may not see much fertile ground. After more than eight years of nearly uninterrupted gains, the U.S. stock market is hardly cheap. And despite a bump in yields over the past year, bonds still don’t pay much and would rack up losses if interest rates were to rise sharply. But talk to some of America’s sharpest investing minds and you’ll get a more sanguine view: High share prices, they say, don’t preclude further gains. And although the Federal Reserve is intent on raising short-term interest rates, long-term bond yields have largely stabilized as investors bet that inflation (the great enemy of fixed-income investments) will stay tame.


Here’s how seven top professionals view the markets, both in the U.S. and abroad, and what they see as good places to put some cash to work now. (Prices and yields are as of May 31.)

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