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The 15 Best “Turnaround Story” Stocks Right Now

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Investors love being involved in innovative companies. The market’s love affair with Apple (AAPL) and (AMZN) serve as evidence to that end. Few things are more thrilling than seeing a company bring a new and highly-marketable product to the market, and seeing it turn into a reward for shareholders with the foresight to take a shot.

But there’s a scenario that investors love just as much as (if not more than) buying an innovator. That’s buying into a turnaround story.

Redemption is a powerful aphrodisiac, and for good reason. General Motors (GM), Delta Air Lines (DAL) and even the aforementioned Apple were once on the brink of total collapse, but each managed to regroup and reward investors for their faithfulness.


There’s a fresh crop of turnaround stories – and in some cases even step into – on the market’s horizon. A fair warning: None of these overhaul efforts are guaranteed to take hold. But some of them could be lucrative opportunities for the aggressive, and all of them should be fun to watch unfold.

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