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7 Stocks to Buy for a Holiday Season Boost

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Everyone’s aware of the seasonal pattern around the holidays. As Thanksgiving and Black Friday near, retailers ramp up their discounts until going full-bore for a roughly monthlong bargain bonanza. But there’s an investment thesis, too: Companies whose sales and profits peak around Christmas tend to make good stocks to buy for a short-term bump.

It doesn’t always work with every seasonal stock, of course. Some companies have bad quarters. And in broad-market corrections and bear markets, almost everything falls – even quality firms that are performing well.

But if a normal seasonal pattern holds, several companies – that have exhibited this pattern of rising and falling in previous years – should do quite well. They’re not just retail stocks either. Many other types of associated investments get the same type of multi-month boost.


Here are seven stocks to buy for a 2018 holiday season pop, though many of them you may want to keep well into the new year.

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Data is as of Nov. 15, 2018.


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