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7 S&P 500 Stocks That Have Lost 40% or More

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As of Dec. 17, the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index had lost 13.1% from its Sept. 20 all-time high. That’s correction territory, typically defined as a decline of 10% or more from a peak, but still well short of bear-market territory, a decline of 20% or more.

More than half the S&P 500’s stocks, however, have indeed entered a bear market.

These are not two-bit companies that discovered that their main product causes your fingers to fall off, either. Apple (AAPL), currently sitting on a mountain of cash, is down 29.8% from its Oct. 3 high. Charles Schwab (SCHW) is down 32.4% from its May 21 high.


But those aren’t the worst in this kidney stone of a market. Wall Street has not only thrown some stocks out the window, but run them over with a steamroller for good measure. For the morbidly curious, here are seven of the hardest-hit S&P 500 stocks in the market’s most recent tantrum, listed by their declines from their 52-week high.

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Data is as of Dec. 17, 2018, and is courtesy of S&P Global Market Intelligence.


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