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5 Favorite Stocks of Millionaires


The investing habits of the rich aren't all that different from the investing habits of the rest of us. Sure, millionaires have the means to access exotic investments -- and some certainly do -- but it turns out the favorite place to put their money to work is a familiar one: the U.S. stock market. When Tiger 21, a private investing club, surveyed its high-net-worth members in 2016, publicly traded stocks topped the list of favored investments. Real estate came in second, followed by private equity and hedge funds. Fixed income rounded out the top five.

In particular, members of Tiger 21, who must have at least $10 million in investable assets to join, prefer stocks in the financial, technology and energy sectors. Looking ahead, members see the most growth opportunity over the next three years in the tech sector. Wondering which stocks Tiger 21's members like the most? Wonder no more. Here are the five favorite stocks of millionaire investors.


Securities are listed alphabetically. Prices and other data are as of June 1, unless otherwise indicated.


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