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12 Blue-Chip Stocks With Red-Hot Growth Estimates

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Much of the market was shelled in October and November – even no-doubt blue chips that typically can take a beating. But the economic undertow still is mostly pointed in the right direction.

Economic growth continues to be robust, unemployment is lean and the Federal Reserve finally looks like it’s at least considering a slightly dovish stance on interest rates. And while the Democratic takeover of the House had some investors worried about gridlock, some experts view it through bullish-tinted glasses.

“We think markets likely view this outcome as positive since it removes the risk of an all-Democratic Congress,” Evercore Managing Director Terry Haines told Bloomberg, “and the increased Republican Senate majority offers additional assurance that the 2017 tax cuts would not be rolled back in 2021 in the event of a Democratic president.”


In that light, it’s easy to assume the best and start seeking out aggressive, high-growth, high-risk names. But it’s incorrect to think only risky stocks are capable of producing strong growth. Sometimes big, well-established old-school names are surprisingly capable of putting up some big numbers, too: all the reward potential, with much less risk.

Here are 12 top blue-chip stocks that still sport impressive growth and/or profit estimates – even against the backdrop of a (very) mature economic growth cycle.

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Data is as of Nov. 28, 2018.


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