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10 Stocks to Buy on Any Trade War Dip

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How do you know in advance which stocks to watch for potential buyable declines sparked by fears about a China trade war?

For one, look for the ones that have a lot of sales in China. Several tech companies fit the bill. And given China’s fascination with American brands, big U.S. consumer-products companies pop up on the short list, too. The second option is to go with companies in industries singled out by China as targets.

If you are of the belief that tariff bluster between China and America is mostly just that – bluster – then the following are 10 stocks to buy on any dips sparked by trade war headlines.


Even without the added plus of a favorable entry price, these companies look attractive as long-term plays on rapid growth in China because they do such a large portion of their business there. They also benefit from synchronized global growth, popular consumer trends and big-picture themes like greater use of cloud computing by businesses.

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Data is as of April 5, 2018. Data on China sales exposure comes from FactSet and company filings. Click on ticker-symbol links in each slide for current share prices and more. Michael Brush is the editor of the stock newsletter Brush Up on Stocks.


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