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10 Small-Cap Growth Stocks to Buy Now



In a year when the major market indexes are struggling to put up gains, it might be time to take a closer look at smaller stocks with outsized growth prospects. Historically, small-cap growth stocks have a low performance correlation to stocks with large market values, asset manager Federated Investors notes. They also tend to outperform stocks with big market caps over time, too.

Small-cap growth stocks have certainly paid off so far in 2018. The large-cap Dow Jones Industrial Average is off 3% for the year-to-date. But the small-cap growth benchmark Russell 2000 growth index is actually flat.

“What we love about small-cap growth stocks is that they are small businesses that constantly innovate and are creating their own demand,” writes Federated Kaufmann Fund (KAUAX) portfolio manager Stephen DeNichilo. “They are not reliant on market tailwinds. They create their own trajectory and are masters of their own universe.”


When we talk about small-cap growth stocks, we generally mean stocks with market values of between about $300 million and $3 billion. As for the growth part, the companies these stocks represent might be generating annualized sales gains of 30% or more. Naturally, expectations for outsized earnings growth are part of the equation too.

Here are 10 small-cap growth stocks to buy now. These 10 picks are smaller companies that have average analyst ratings of “Buy” or better. Several of these small-cap growth stocks that stood out are health-care names, but specialty chemicals, information technology and even veterinary services make appearances too. One thing they all have in common is that analysts are bullish on them at current levels.

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Data is as of April 25, 2018. Companies are listed in alphabetical order. Analysts’ ratings provided by Zacks Investment Research. Click on ticker-symbol links in each slide for current share prices and more.


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