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10 of the Worst Stock Calls By the Pros

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How many times have you seen articles discussing the best market calls of all time? Probably quite a few. They’re everywhere.

But you don’t hear much about the worst market calls of all time. That’s because nobody likes to talk about their losers, especially not market professionals who are paid to be correct.

That’s too bad, in a way. Because regular investors can learn a lot from a pro’s mistakes, not just the successes. (That idea applies to most things in life, not just investing, by the way.)

For instance, Jesse Livermore shorted the entire stock market right before the 1929 crash, netting himself a cool $100 million for his troubles. That’s pretty interesting. But investing isn’t just about finding winners – it’s about figuring out how to avoid losers and minimize losses. We could’ve learned plenty had Livermore also discussed his worst trades and why these bets failed to deliver profits.


Let’s look at 10 of the worst stock calls by the so-called “pros,” which include institutional investors, celebrity stock callers and even CEOs. Some of these are simply “wow” moments that we couldn’t repeat if we wanted to, but some of these provide very tangible lessons for investors.

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Data is as of March 13.


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