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5 Ways to Ponzi-Proof Your Retirement

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Most investors worry about losing their money to the market — not to their financial professional.

They assume the person they hired will be trustworthy, capable and always looking out for their best interests. So when they hear about “bad apples” who take clients to the cleaners, they get nervous. And rightly so.

There aren’t that many Bernard Madoffs out there bilking clients out of billions, thank goodness. But even everyday investors with average-sized portfolios are in danger of running into scams and schemes that could drain their life savings. And, as with any line of work, there are some financial professionals who just aren’t very good at the job.


So how can you be sure your adviser is honest, knowledgeable and doing his or her best to keep your money safe? Kirk Cassidy, president of Senior Planning Advisors, shares a few things you can do to protect yourself.

Cassidy is an Investment Adviser Representative and a fiduciary with a Series 65 securities license and life insurance licenses. He is also a national speaker.

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