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The 10 Best Mutual Funds to Buy for 2017



The only certain thing about 2017 is that it will be challenging for investors. And that is exactly why we’re here to help investors out … by lighting the path to the 10 best mutual funds to buy for the coming year.

The backdrop right now is a difficult one: rising interest rates, a maturing business cycle, a new president. Investors have good reason to feel cautious, if not downright nervous.

But now is not the time to hit the sidelines and move completely into risk-off mode.

In any market, bull or bear, you’ll have your share of underperformers and outperformers, so if there’s any money to be made, you need to find the latter. And more broadly, there are plenty of plays designed to capture gains while protecting against the next correction.


We’ve selected our top 10 list of the best mutual funds for 2017, then, with both eyes on the difficult market and economic conditions in mind. This list represents a diverse roster that should help you navigate the challenging year ahead.

I wish the best of luck to all of you. With no further ado, here are the 10 top mutual funds to buy for next year:

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