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10 Best Funds for Aggressive Investors


Think your portfolio is too tame? Does it mostly contain blue chips and electric utility stocks and not enough racy tech and biotech stocks? Maybe it’s time to boost your level of aggression in search of bigger returns, both over the next year and over the long term. Check out our picks below — they’re our 10 favorite stock mutual funds for aggressive investors.

In truth, these funds are nowhere near as aggressive as you might find. You won’t find any funds that try to triple the return of a semiconductor-stock index or focus on small Indian companies or seek to bet on the price of silver falling. Rather, the ten funds — six of which are members of the Kiplinger 25, the list of our favorite no-load funds — focus on various corners of the stock world, from plain-vanilla small-company stocks to health care stocks to stocks in developing countries. They may not deliver the thrills of triple-leverage sector funds, but all offer potentially higher returns without taking extraordinary risks.


Returns are through November 7.


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