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9 Must-Own Stocks That Have Paid Over a Century of Dividends

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Dividend stock investing is inherently a long-term enterprise. After all, companies only pay their investors dividends once a quarter and dividend yields are calculated on an annualized basis. If you own a stock for only a few months, you're not experiencing the full dividend potential. And if you only own a few weeks, there's a chance you don't get paid a dividend at all.

The real power of dividend stocks comes from the power to deliver consistent returns and growing payouts over the very long term—not several years, but more like several decades. If you pick the right stocks that can maintain and growth their distributions over that kind of time horizon, you will be richly rewarded.


However, there are only a precious few companies that can pull off that kind of long-term performance and still keep their dividend payments coming.

Here are nine companies, including big names you may know and a few you don't, that have managed to pay dividends for a century or longer.

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