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8 Best Dividend Stocks of the Dow

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Record corporate earnings in recent years have fueled a dividend bonanza, allowing companies to share more wealth with investors. But as the global economy weakens and earnings growth slows, dividend-focused investors face two big questions: First, is their current dividend safe? And second, what kind of future increases are likely?

The blue-chip Dow Jones industrial average has always been a rich hunting ground for dividend investors. So from the current roster of 30 stocks we selected eight that we believe provide attractive solutions for different investing needs.

All eight of the companies are so financially strong that the chances of any of them cutting the dividend are minuscule. With that as a base assumption, we chose our stocks by weighing current yield, dividend growth outlook for the next few years, and longer-term stock-price appreciation potential.


Picks are listed alphabetically. Returns, share prices and related data are as of November 18. Unless otherwise indicated, price-earnings ratios are based on estimated 2016 earnings.

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