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5 Telecom Stocks Paying Big Dividends


Telecommunications stocks have long been a go-to source of generous dividends for income investors. No, these companies typically don't have strong growth prospects. What they do have is tremendous free cash flow -- cash profits left over after a company makes the capital expenditures needed to maintain the business -- and that supports sizable payouts. As long as phone and internet customers keep paying their bills every month, the sluice for dividends remains open. That's why telecoms often display low volatility relative to the broader stock market and make for good defensive holdings.

One caveat, however, is that an unusually high dividend yield can be a red flag for the sustainability of the payout stream. With that in mind, here are five telecom stocks with low volatility and high yields, ordered from lowest dividend yield to highest.


Prices and related figures are as of December 8, unless otherwise indicated. Volatility was determined by looking at each stock’s beta. A beta of 1 indicates a stock is as volatile as Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, while a beta below 1 indicates a stock is less volatile than the broader market. All five telecom stocks have betas below 1.

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