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10 Great Colleges Where Alumni Earn the Most Money


As the cost of college continues its upward trajectory, the question for many high school students and their cost-conscious parents is not only where to get the best college education but also which schools’ alums land the highest-paying jobs. Earning a bigger paycheck obviously gives you a leg up on career earnings, but it also offers the means to pay off college loans faster.

For a glimpse of what your child's payday may look like a decade after attending college, we've added a new column to our ranking of the 300 best college values. The figures, which show the median earnings of workers who started at a particular college 10 years earlier and who received federal financial aid, come from the U.S. Department of Education. The data don't distinguish whether the workers graduated from college or went on to graduate school. The federal data also do not reflect salary differences between studying, say, English rather than engineering. In fact, a student’s field of study—assuming he or she pursues a career in that field—often means more for future earnings than the school name embossed on the degree (see our list of the 10 Best College Majors for Your Career). Still, the information offers a way to gauge earnings outcomes at various schools.


The following 10 colleges' former students earn the most among our best-value schools. The schools on this list tend to specialize in academic programs in science, technology, mathematics and finance--fields of study that continue to offer more financially lucrative jobs. Eight of the 10 colleges are private universities, and two are liberal arts colleges. All but three appear in the top 50 of our overall rankings. Take a look.

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