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36 Best College Values Competing in 2018's March Madness

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Throughout the "March madness" of the annual NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, exciting college athletic programs will attract the attention of prospective students. Schools that perform well in the tournament -- especially so-called 'Cinderella schools' who do so unexpectedly -- often see a surge in the number of applications they receive the following year.

And, sure, cheering on a top-quality sports team during your time on campus can be an important part of the college experience. But you don't have to forgo quality academics and bottom-line value to attend a school with a basketball program that makes it to the Big Dance.


Only a little more than half of the 68 teams playing in this year’s men's tournament also earned a spot in Kiplinger's 2018 rankings of the top 300 college values. Take a look.

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