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What You Should Know About Green Cars


If fuel economy is high on your list of specs for your new car, a number of technologies can satisfy that need. Which is best for you depends on your other goals.

For example, do you want to be as green as possible? An electric vehicle (EV) is the answer. Want superb fuel economy without worrying about plugging in? A hybrid is a good choice. Do you crave power and the feel of gears shifting as you accelerate? If so, hybrids and EVs are likely out of contention, but diesels and turbocharged gas engines are good candidates.

Check out the green options and the pros and cons of each featured in this slide show. To compare ownership costs for traditional versus green cars, use our Green Car Calculator.

To compute annual fuel costs for plug-in vehicles for our rankings, we assumed 15,000 miles of city and highway driving a year, evenly spread out over five days a week with a two-week vacation.


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