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Collectible Cars with Enduring Value

Courtesy RM Auctions

With eye-popping auction prices of late (would you believe $30 million for a Mercedes?), classic cars are getting a lot of attention these days as an investment opportunity.

Can you, too, own a piece of history (or of your youth), take it to shows and parades and on Sunday drives, and still come out ahead? Maybe. Realize that parking your cash in a classic car is far more complicated than investing in the stocks and funds we at Kiplinger recommend. Learn more in our article Making a Wise Investment in a Collectible Car.

Working with Hagerty, a Traverse City, Mich., firm that both insures vehicles and writes about the market in classic cars and boats, we’ve identified ten cars that have held their value well over the past five years. Most of them go for prices in the low five-figures. Please have a look, even if you’re just kicking the tires.


All price and insurance data is from Hagerty, and all prices are for cars judged “condition #2 — excellent.” Insurance quotes are based on pleasure use and with a zero deductible.


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