Kiplinger's rounds up the top 10 cars for older drivers. 10 Best Cars for Older Drivers
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10 Best Cars for Older Drivers


Sooner or later, comfort enters into the car equation. Whether you're 50, 60, or 70, you may start thinking about a vehicle that can conform to your chassis, instead of the other way around.

To find our top picks for older drivers, we took a tip from Goldilocks -- a car must be neither too big nor too small. Small cars tend to be low to the ground and often don’t have the room a more mature torso needs.

Big vehicles often involve a step up to get in. So we looked for medium-height cars and smaller SUVs and mini-vans with easy entrance and egress. To customize your ride we insisted on a tilt -- and, ideally, telescoping -- steering wheel. An adjustable-height driver’s seat was also required. Bonus points for heated seats, lumbar support and adjustable pedals; if the passenger seat adjusts as well, even better.

Visibility is also key (why crane your neck?), and several of our picks have backup cameras and reverse sensing systems to aid you. Plus, some have options for high-tech safety features, such as blind-spot and lane-departure warnings. Though these options are pricey, none tips a car’s price over $60,000.

Check out our ten best car picks for older drivers, and let us know which is your favorite by leaving a comment below.


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