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10 2011 Model-Year Cars With Deep Discounts

It seems as if everything is on sale Labor Day weekend, and cars are no exception. As dealers make way for the 2012 models, they want to move old inventory out. Many are slashing prices and offering sweet financing deals on 2011s.

These ten 2011s were recently selling for the biggest discounts to sticker price , according to -- and for most models those discounts include generous cash rebates.

Several of the vehicles on our list are discontinued, which makes them less attractive to most buyers, and a few never found traction with buyers in the first place. Dealers should be receptive to even bigger price cuts if you tell them you know that others are getting big discounts.

You can find recent transaction prices for any car on your shopping list at Also, compare costs and resale value, see performance data and more from this year's automotive class by viewing Kiplinger's 2011 Vehicle Rankings.

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