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Amazing Drone Technologies

U.S. Navy Photo

Drones have infiltrated battle skies, with the latest innovation an experimental drone, the X-45B (seen here), that can take off from an aircraft carrier.

Now the business of building them for other purposes is set to take off, too. Meteorologists, police and fire departments, underwater oil and gas drillers, moviemakers, farmers, hobbyists and a long list of companies have an interest in drone use. The industry predicts there could be 70,000 new jobs and $13.6 billion of increased economic impact if regulations are eased to allow drones to fill U.S. skies. The Federal Aviation Administration will start rolling out new regs in 2015.


Don't be surprised if drones designed for the military find more widespread uses in the coming years, for everything from scientific research to just playing around. Here's a look:


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