Advice from eight mobile business owners. 8 Intriguing Businesses on Wheels
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8 Intriguing Businesses on Wheels

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Mobile business is awfully trendy these days, but the road to success can be pretty bumpy. Gas prices. Government regulations. Inclement weather. If you're going to run a business on wheels, you have to prepare for potholes, literal and otherwise.

To help you map a smoother route, we interviewed eight entrepreneurs who run their businesses from the drivers' seats of trucks, buses, vans and, yes, 16-person bicycles. These aren't your neighborhood ice-cream vendors. Jared Rosenthal sells paternity tests from a revamped RV in New York City. Chris Lower, owner of Big Truck Tacos in Oklahoma City, claims to pull in $3 million a year between his mobile taqueria and sit-down restaurant of the same name. While their businesses and business models vary widely, many of their challenges are the same.

Check out these eight mobile businesses, from boxing trucks to bicycle pubs, and see what advice their owners offer to other aspiring freewheelers.


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