There are a lot of traditional benchmarks to gauge the economy. This list does not include them. 10 More Quirky Economic Indicators - Slide Show
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10 More Quirky Economic Indicators


Many Americans struggle to decipher news about producer prices, inflation, consumer confidence and other factors that are supposed to shed light on the state of the economy. Yet more common occurrences may be easier to comprehend -- and perhaps can offer an even better reading of the nation’s fiscal health.

For example, what’s up with all those “Missing Dog” signs? A recent spike in stolen pets can be blamed on the bad economy. And the gray hairs popping up on the heads of friends and co-workers? Those are proof that cash-strapped consumers are skipping salon visits.

Our latest list of quirky economic indicators to watch shows that Americans are still tending to their recession wounds and signaling that recovery is a distant idea. Plus, it may be good for a laugh. And isn’t that the best medicine?


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