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10 States With Biggest Rate of Job Growth in 2013


Look for job growth across the nation to average about the same in 2013 as in 2012 -- about 2.1 million new jobs over the year. The unemployment rate, at 7.8% in December 2012, is expected to end 2013 around 7.5%.

These 10 states will see the largest percentage gains in employment, each above the national average, expected to be 2% this year. Most are growing quickly to try and catch up from still-depressed levels of employment. Others -- Utah, Texas and Idaho, for example -- have already seen significant employment increases since the recession and are well into expansion.

Gains will be spread unevenly, however, with Western and Southern states generally seeing above-average growth, and those in the Northeast plus some Prairie states lagging behind. But all 50 states are expected to see at least some growth in 2013 as the economy continues to rebuild after the Great Recession.


Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, IHS Global Insights, Moody’s Analytics, state economic data


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