The Recession Quiz

The Recession Quiz

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A recession is the scariest creature in the average investor’s closet of anxieties. Even though the last recession ended more than a decade ago, people fear recessions because they can mean lower home prices, lower stock prices – and no job. Any number of things can cause (or exacerbate) a recession: an exogenous shock, such as the Arab oil embargo of 1973; soaring interest rates; or ill-conceived legislation, such as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930.

Recessions are parts of the warp and woof of a dynamic economy, albeit unpleasant ones. If you’re prepared for a recession, there will be plenty of opportunities when the recession ends. Thus, the more you know about recessions, the better. How much do you know about recessions? Take this quiz to find out – and to learn a little more.

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