Will Your College Degree Pay Off?

Will Your College Degree Pay Off?

Back in the good old days, a college degree pretty much guaranteed a job, a decent income and a shot at upward mobility. Today, eight in ten young retail workers have bachelor's degrees, even though the occupation doesn’t require one. And more than 33,600 PhD-holders are on food stamps.

Does that mean college isn’t worth the cost? Far from it. A college degree can make or break a career. But if you're going to spend years of your life in school (and decades paying off the loans afterward), you should at least pursue an education that won’t lead to the nearest shopping mall.

Should you chase that Ivy League MFA you've always wanted? Could an associate's degree pay off more than a bachelor's? Take our quiz to see if your college degree is really worth the cost.

By Caitlin Dewey, Kiplinger.com
October 2012
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