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December 2015

December issue of KPFM

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The Best List, 2015

Use our winning picks as a shopping list for every facet of your financial life.


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From the Editor

Our annual Best List — a few of our favorite things, by Janet Bodnar

Big Changes for Your Credit-Card Perks

Roadside and travel aid are out. ID theft protection is in.

How Good Is Your Employer’s 401(k) Plan?

Here’s how to see whether your retirement plan is as good as its peers.

3 Money-Smart Ways to Spend Your RMDs

Put the money you are required to withdraw from retirement accounts back to work.

Applying for Financial Aid Gets Easier in 2016

To fill out the FAFSA, you’ll no longer have to estimate your tax information.

The Downside of Cheaper Gas

More driving means more accidents and higher auto insurance premiums.

Money & Ethics

Do we owe students two free years of college?, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

11 stock picks from the world’s greatest investors, by James K. Glassman

Your Mind and Your Money

A sucker born every minute?, by Anne Kates Smith

Success Story

How a part-time exercise instructor built a business of six Pure Barre studios.


Cash in on 7 Cash-Rich Companies

Companies loaded with the green stuff can provide smoother sailing in a turbulent global economy.

Going Long

China worries are overblown, by Jeremy J. Siegel

The Kiplinger 25 Update

Akre Focus beats the market again.

Best American Funds for Your 401(k)

Workplace retirement plans let you buy these funds without paying a sales charge.

7 Stocks to Profit From Cuba's Coming Boom

You can invest today in companies that will benefit from a loosening of the U.S. embargo.

Practical Investing

Wall Street is wrong on REITs, by Kathy Kristof

The Kiplinger ETF 20 Update

This bond-fund ETF should hold up well as interest rates rise.

Fund Spotlight

A mutual fund that wins big by investing in tiny companies.


Land Your Retirement Dream Job

Line up family support. Get help from the experts. Expect surprises. And don’t forget to have fun.

7 Smart Year-End Tax Moves for 2015

Turn lemon investments into lemonade write-offs, and other ways to lower your 2015 tax bill.

Reap the Rewards of a Roth IRA

It’s never too late to start funding a Roth to lock in tax-free retirement income.

Money Manners

How to ease the stress of gift giving.

Make Extra Cash by Renting Your Car

Put your car to work for you when you’re not using it.

Ask Kim

Get the most from telehealth, by Kimberly Lankford

Credit Cards With the Best Signing Bonuses

Score valuable benefits by signing up for these credit cards prior to the holidays.


The Best List, 2015

Use our winning picks as a shopping list for every facet of your financial life.


5 things you must know about holiday spending.

Then and Now

Lorena Garcia's path to celebrity chef.