Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

November 2013

November issue of KPFM

Cover Story

The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing

Avoiding these common missteps will put you on the path to higher returns.


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From The Editor

Investors, keep the faith, by Janet Bodnar

Get Used to Stock Trading Snafus

Complex systems mean more glitches, but investors should stay calm.

Why Frugality Is Liberating

Financial-literacy expert Clare Levison explains how frugality lets you focus on what you really want.

Debt Relief for New Grads

Struggling locales will pay down college-loan debts for new residents.

Donor-Advised Funds: Contribute Now, Donate Later

Get a tax break, along with time to choose a charity.

Mandatory Tips Are Off the Menu

A new tax ruling means diners will decide how much service is worth.

Money & Ethics

Should doctors be barred from accepting perks?, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

Why to buy emerging markets now, by James K. Glassman

Game Plan

What’s the best way to lend money to a family member (and not get burned)?


The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing

Avoiding these common missteps will put you on the path to higher returns.

Smart Investors Keep It Simple

Follow these rules for good returns with reasonable risk.

6 Stocks That Share the Wealth With Their Investors

These firms are raising their dividends and buying back shares—and are attractively priced.

Tesla Takes Off. Should Investors Go Along for the Ride?

Investors are treating the maker of battery-operated cars like a dot-com. Ford and GM are better deals.

Promised Land

Conspiracy theory lessons for investors, by Andrew Feinberg

Practical Investing

Finally, a shake-up at Microsoft, by Kathy Kristof

Cash In Hand

Dump your bonds? No way, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Kiplinger 25 Update

Modest risks, modest returns from the Merger Fund.

Fund Spotlight

Skyline Special Equities prospers from cheap, small companies.

ETF Spotlight

Ride the bull market with this ETF filled with brokerage stocks.


Starting a New Career in Midlife

Hitting the reset button on your career can mean less stress and more satisfaction.

The Family Money Talk You Must Have

Your adult kids should know about your finances -- and what they can expect.

Free Social Security Advice for U.S. Veterans

On November 11, our powerful online tool will create personalized financial strategies for veterans.

Control Your Home from Your Smart Phone

With a wireless device, you can adjust the thermostat, lights and security system of your house from afar.

Rethinking Retirement

Put health costs in context, by Jane Bennett Clark

Ask Kim

How employees can save money on health care costs, by Kimberly Lankford

Hotel Rewards Cards That Pay

These three hotel affinity credit cards are worth a look for travelers.


Home Remodeling Done Right

Line up the money and a good contractor. Then turn your wish into a reality.

Drive Time

Sizing up free service offers, by Jessica Anderson

The Lowdown

6 things you must know about winning the lottery.

3 Simple Steps

Check your credit score.