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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

November 2011

November issue of KPFM

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How to Be a Better Investor

Step one: Recognize -- and overcome -- the psychological hurdles that influence our behavior.


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From The Editor

Keep your cool during uncertain times, by Janet Bodnar

Record-Low Interest Rates: Savers Lose, Borrowers Win

Rates may still be headed lower. Here’s how to cope and prosper.

Deal Hunters May Be Disappointed This Holiday Season

Frank Badillo, senior economist with consulting firm Kantar Retail, says shoppers will find only modest discounts.

Money & Ethics

Should a hot division get a bigger bonus?, by Knight Kiplinger

How to Skip Long Security Lines at the Airport

If the TSA's trusted-traveler pilot program takes off, prescreened frequent fliers will be able to skirt long lines.

The Risks in Your Digital Wallet

In case of fraud, your legal protections may be limited.

Cut Driving Costs With Natural Gas

Fill up a Honda Civic for 40% less than the cost of gasoline.

Opening Shot

Resist the folly of market timing, by James Glassman

Real Money

A bond fund substitutes for a bank account.


How to Be a Better Investor

Step one: Recognize -- and overcome -- the psychological hurdles that influence our behavior.

How to Build a Better Portfolio

The key to successful investing is in how you divvy your assets between U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, cash and other types of investments.

How to Be a Better Stock Investor

Improve your stock-investing skills by knowing how to buy and when to sell.

How to Be a Better Bond Buyer

Keep a balanced portfolio by improving your income-investing intellect.

How to Be a Better Fund Investor

Understand the fund-investing fundamentals of how to buy and when to sell.

Should You Invest in Gold?

The shiny stuff has been sparkling. But when the economy and the stock market pick up, gold prices are likely to head down.

Promised Land

How to sell stocks short, by Andrew Feinberg

Protect Yourself, Loved Ones From Financial Abuse of the Elderly

Today’s volatile stock market and near-zero interest rates on savings can make desperate older investors even more vulnerable to scams.

The Eclectic Strategy of a Winning Fund Manager

Steve Romick, manager of FPA Crescent, shares his approach to investing, top stock picks, thoughts on the economy and more.

Mixed Results for the Kiplinger 25

Here's how our favorite no-load funds have performed through the recent market rout.

Cash In Hand

Juice up your dividends with utilities, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Me Versus the Market

Like a good recipe, a good portfolio is all about what you put in it. And our columnist, Kathy Kristof, is putting her money where her mouth is.

Own 387 Munis in One Fund

The Market Vectors Intermediate Muni Index exchange-traded fund has delivered solid gains, despite a shaky economy.

High Dividends From Nicholas Equity Income Fund

A focus on yield and cheap stocks helps this fund hold down risk.


Cash in on the Natural Gas Shale Boom

Lease payments and royalties have turned gas-rich regions into boomtowns. You could share in the windfall.

Guide to Open Enrollment, 2012

Customize your selections to save money and maximize coverage.

Smart Ways to Sell Your Gold

Web sites often low-ball the price or fail to return jewelry. Here’s how to get a good deal.

Rethinking Retirement

What killed traditional pensions, by Mary Beth Franklin

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford suggests thinking long and hard before you tap long-term retirement savings to pay off a short-term debt.

Book Early for Holiday Travel Deals

Airfares are pricier than last year, but our strategies cut the cost.

Where to Take Your Credit Complaint

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has opened a one-stop complaint center for all credit-card-related issues.


The Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle

Today’s sandwich generation is squeezed between grown kids who can’t find work and elderly parents who need care.

Drive Time

The best prices on new cars often come from services that will do the haggling for you for a fee, by Jessica Anderson

The Lowdown

6 things you need to know about giving to charity.

My Story

This freelance journalist and her husband chose to downsize to a 480-square-foot lake house that they share with their five dogs.