Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

October 2014

October issue of KPFM

Cover Story

How Much You Really Need to Retire

You may be better prepared than you think. We help you find out where you stand.


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From the Editor

Smile! You can retire, by Janet Bodnar

Mixed Signals in the Labor Market

Job openings are growing, but wages need to play catch-up.

How Jeopardy Champion Julia Collins Will Spend Her Windfall

The big winner on the TV quiz show plans to play it safe with her winnings.

New Reverse Mortgage Rules Protect Younger Spouses

If the older spouse dies, the younger spouse can stay in the home -- at a cost.

New Services Help You Monitor Your Credit Cards

Spot errors and bogus charges on your statements.

A Hydrogen-Powered Car Hits the Market (in California)

Hyundai is the first on the market, with Toyota and Honda expected to follow suit shortly.

Money & Ethics

Should U.S. firms move overseas to pay lower taxes?, by Knight Kiplinger

Opening Shot

7 stocks to buy and hold for the next 15 years, by James K. Glassman

Your Mind and Your Money

Senior money moments, by Anne Kates Smith

Success Story

A former corporate trainer helps struggling women become self-sufficient.


25 Stock Picks From the Pros

Five great fund managers each choose five stocks with room to run in an aging bull market.

5 Religion Funds for Faith-Based Investors

Faith-based investing doesn’t mean you have to forgo profits.

3 Best Airline Stocks to Buy Now

Profits are soaring as carriers raise fares and fees, but heed the industry's history of enormous losses.

Practical Investing

Why I invested in Nu Skin, by Kathy Kristof

The Perils of Penny Stocks

Stay away from these high-risk investments. They could eat you alive.

Cash in Hand

3 reasons investors should ignore the doomsayers, by Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Going Long

A flawed view of capitalism, by Jeremy J. Siegel

Kiplinger 25 Update

Mairs & Power Growth Fund stays on target.

Fund Spotlight

Janus Contrarian goes against the crowd.


How Much You Really Need to Retire

You may be better prepared than you think. We help you find out where you stand.

The Best College-Savings Plans

State 529 plans usually trump other options. The right one for you depends on what kind of investor you are.

Game Plan

When a deferred-income annuity makes sense.

Earn More on Your Savings

These accounts let you eke out extra interest on your cash.

Safeguards for Debit Card Users

Some debit-card users soon will benefit from zero liability for fraudulent purchases.


How to Haggle for Practically Anything

Use these strategies to lower prices you never dreamed were negotiable.

Drive Time

Cash out your lease on your car, by Jessica Anderson


6 things you must know about pet insurance.

3 Simple Steps

How to estimate your home’s value.