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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

October 2010

October issue of KPFM

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Fix Your 401(k)

A few simple changes now can make a big difference in your nest egg later.


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From The Editor

We help you make sense of financial reform.

Salaries Will Step Up in 2011

But pay increases will be modest, and you'll have to show that you've earned them.

A National Sales Tax Could Be Coming

A VAT is levied at each step of production, but you foot the bill.

Money & Ethics

It's not okay to skip out on a mortgage, by Knight Kiplinger

Fashionistas Take a Hit in the Wallet

After declining for decades, clothing prices are headed higher.

Free Checking Is Tougher to Find

More accounts will come with fees or with strings attached.

My Point of View

Don't let a hot asset tempt you away from your investing strategy and into a bubble bath, by Knight Kiplinger

Discovering Value

Know when to bail on your stock picks, by Whitney Tilson and John Heins

Opening Shot

Six rules for investing in Internet stocks – plus eight promising picks, by James Glassman

Your Mind and Your Money

How to beat our investing biases, by Robert Frick


Great Deals in Muni Bonds

Despite a few scare stories, municipal bonds remain among the safest investments.

Savvy Advice From a Bond-Picking Expert

Bond maven Marilyn Cohen explains how to make money in the new fixed-income landscape.

Amana Funds: Making Money the Islamic Way

In this Insider Interview, we speak with an Episcopalian and a Muslim who run two funds that have trounced the markets.

Going Long

The new rules for our financial system are a mixed bag for individual investors, by Jeremy Siegel

Year-End Bonus: Special Dividends

Cash-rich companies are likely to make big one-time payouts this year. But the rewards for investors might not be so special.

Deflation-Proof Your Portfolio

Falling prices may seem like a good thing, but they can be dangerous to your wealth. Here’s how to protect your portfolio.

A Funky Real Estate Fund Excels

Pimco uses derivatives and Treasury inflation-protected securities to beat its rivals.

Mutual Funds

Make Pimco Total Return the core of a bond portfolio, and complement it with other funds, by Russel Kinnel


Fix Your 401(k)

A few simple changes now can make a big difference in your nest egg later.

Stretch Your Paycheck

Eight timely budgeting tips to make your money go further -- no matter how much you earn.

Digging Out of Student Debt

If you're among the young and burdened, you may be able to cut a deal with the feds or your lender.

Walking Away From a Mortgage

Some homeowners who can afford to pay their loans are choosing not to.

Steinbrenner 1, Uncle Sam 0

The Yankees' owner's death may seem untimely to family and friends, but it may be extremely timely when it comes to the federal estate tax.

Lower Loan Rates for the Military

Some active-duty personnel can take advantage of a 6% interest-rate cap.

Ask Kim

Kimberly Lankford explains when it makes sense to pay off a mortgage before you retire.

Gift Cards Keep on Giving

New federal rules make the ever-popular gifts of last resort even more appealing -- and guilt-free.


Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Replacing your windows is an expensive proposition, but dealers have cut markups to the quick.

Drive Time

Carmakers have introduced a fresh marketing strategy to attract your business: lower sticker prices, by Jessica Anderson

Bigger Screens for Smaller Rooms

Put a high-def TV in your bedroom or home office for $500.

What You Need to Know About Stock Markets Today

Thanks to electronic trading, the stock market is wilder than ever.

My Story

The self-proclaimed "Cupcake Lady" sold her house and car and gave up a well-paying job to start Buttercream, a mobile cupcake shop.