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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

September 2019

September issue of KPFM

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Simply Your Finances

Check our our strategies to cut out financial clutter that can keep you from earning better returns, eliminating debt and playing lower fees.


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From the Editor

You can still enjoy life a little by following the old chestnut to pay yourself first.

Are You Covered for the Next Disaster?

Make sure you have the right insurance to protect you from nature’s wrath.

A Break on Inherited IRAs Could Disappear

Congress takes aim at the so-called stretch IRA.

What Your Financial Adviser Isn't Telling You

This consumer advocate says new rules to protect investors don’t go far enough.

Drug Price Info Is No Cure for Sticker Shock

Efforts to curb spending raise questions about just how competitive health care can be.

The College Debit Card Trap

High fees can make branded cards a bad deal.

How to Find Buyers for Your Baseball Card Collection

The first step to selling baseball cards is finding out the value of what you own.

How to Use a Grandparent’s 529 Account to Reimburse College Expenses

Through timely withdrawals and good recordkeeping, a grandparent’s 529 college-savings plan can help families recoup money spent on college.

How to Maximize Social Security Through Spousal Benefits

Spouses born before 1954 can still take advantage of a strategy to boost Social Security retirement benefits.

How Long You Must Wait to Make Penalty-Free Withdrawals After Converting to a Roth IRA

The timing of converting money from a traditional IRA to a Roth can affect how long you must wait before you’re allowed to withdraw money without penalty.


Navigate the Universe of ETFs

The stock market has had a topsy-turvy ride over the past 12 months, but we’re pleased with the performance of our Kip ETF 20 stock funds.

Kiplinger ETF 20 Portfolios for All Investors

We mixed and matched our 20 favorite exchange-traded funds to create four model portfolios to suit most investors' needs.

The Kip ETF 20: The 20 Best Cheap ETFs to Buy

Use the Kiplinger ETF 20 to build a solid core for your portfolio. Our list also includes funds to explore satellite strategies.

Picking Stocks: Yes, You Can Go With Your Gut

Investing in a Big Idea is more fun than other investing strategies, potentially more profitable and not necessarily more risky.

Rising Dividends Lift This Fund

T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth is staying ahead thanks to big gains at Ball, Air Products & Chemicals and Danaher, among others.

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency: What You Should Know

The social media giant announced that it will launch its new cryptocurrency in the first half of 2020. As an investment, it's likely to fall flat.

Municipals Rock On

If there’s something negative to be said about muni bonds, I’ve heard it. And I’m still not buying this fear and loathing.

A Good Way to Play the Bond Rally

Lower rates and a tilt toward high-quality debt should help this fund.


13 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

Our strategies to tie up the loose ends of your financial life will free up both time and cash.

Best College Values, 2019

Our expanded ranking names hundreds of colleges where you can get a quality education at an affordable price.

Credit Card Perks Are Being Squeezed

It pays to shop around to find which companies still offer the best perks.


Building a Better 401(k)

Funneling all your retirement contributions into a target-date fund isn’t always the best strategy.

Rethinking Retirement

Retirees are forfeiting an average of $111,000 per household by filing for benefits early.


Now Is a Good Time to Refinance

You may benefit even if you can’t reduce your mortgage rate by a full percentage point.

Practical Investing

Find out what the herd thinks, then head in the other direction.


The Safest Cars Under $30,000

The absolute safest vehicle is almost always a brand-new model. So, what if you need wheels, care deeply about safety, but aren’t made of money?