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Kiplinger's Personal Finance

September 2018

September issue of KPFM

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50 Quick and Easy Tips to Make and Keep More Money

Our roster of quick financial tips are designed to save you money, get you on track to reach a goal or simplify your life.


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From the Editor

You’ve sent good ideas for articles and shared your own personal finance journeys. I love hearing what’s on your mind.

Trade-War Threats Weigh on the Market

A tilt toward domestic-focused stocks makes sense for most investors.

The New Banking Law Has Perks for You

Provisions to the Dodd-Frank reform act gives small banks more discretion to make loans and mandates free credit freezes.

Online Shopping Could Get Pricier

States now have more latitude to collect sales tax on internet purchases.

Student Loans Will Cost More

Beware that federal student loans will be more expensive this year because of rising interest rates.

New IRS "Shorter Form" Is Little Help for Most

Most paper filers using the new 1040 will need to refer to supplemental schedules.

Millennial Money

When you're just starting out with investing, you first need to build a diversified core before betting on individual stocks.

Money Smart Women

Some of the top companies are going all out to attract young women and women returning to the workforce.

Opening Shot

Small-cap stocks tend to move in cycles, and we look to be on the rising side of one.

Your Mind, Your Money

Researchers discovered that, when it comes to investment fees, diversification efforts can backfire.

Funding the Fight Against Alzheimer's

Jennifer DiVittorio donated $300,000 in her parents’ names for research into neurological diseases.


50 Quick and Easy Tips to Make and Keep More Money

Our roster of quick financial tips are designed to save you money, get you on track to reach a goal or simplify your life.

When Your Term Life Insurance Is Expiring

Many families are discovering that a 20-year term for a life insurance policy isn’t enough.

Insurance Strategies for Younger Shoppers

Buy the right life insurance plan now to avoid scrambling to find coverage later.

14 Little-Known Credit Card Perks

You may be overlooking some of the valuable benefits that your credit card provides.

Insurance on Savings, Money-Market Funds

Know the differences between the agencies that help keep your money safe.

Using Roth Money as a Down Payment

You can withdraw contributions from a Roth IRA to help purchase your first home.

Buying Stock for Children

Start investing on behalf of your kids by opening an account on Stockpile.

Using a 529 Plan to Pay for Private School

Can I use money in my daughter’s 529 college-savings plan to pay her private elementary school tuition?

Earn More Interest on Your Savings

Money market deposit accounts and savings accounts provide safe, easily accessible places to store cash.


More Star Power for the Kiplinger ETF 20

We spotlight new cast members in the list of our 20 favorite exchange-traded funds.

Kiplinger ETF 20 Portfolios for All Investors

We mixed and matched our 20 favorite exchange-traded funds to create four model portfolios to suit most investors' needs.

Value Vs. Growth Stocks -- Which Will Come Out on Top?

Investors have shunned bargain-priced stocks in favor of fast growers for years. Is value due for a comeback?

Practical Investing

I can exchange my AV Homes stock for Taylor Morrison Home shares, receive 60% in cash and 40% in stock, or take the payment in cash.

Income Investing

In 2018’s topsy-turvy market there’s still one constant to stand by: dividend growth.

A Sector Redo Shuffles Stocks

Some of the market's biggest names are on the move, dealing a new hand to index funds that invest in these corners of the market.

Fund Watch

The managers for this large-company global stock fund scout for companies that invest aggressively for growth.

Fund Watch

Unloading high-flying tech stocks and scooping up out-of-favor energy picks has helped this Kiplinger 25 member beat the S&P 500.


10 Small Home Projects That Pay Off Big

We’ve highlighted 10 small projects—most of which won’t cost more than $10,000—that can increase your enjoyment of your home in a big way.

Disaster-Proof Your Vacation With Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can recover some costs when a natural disaster ruins your vacation.

Cash In on Used Tech Devices

Your old phones and laptops may be worth more than you think.